5 facts about dating apps that will be useful to those who are looking for

We found out which photos will help attract more likes and why video profiles are a new trend, together with the Dating application.

1. More than 366 million people in the world are registered on dating apps

Experts suggest that by 2027 their number will increase will reach 440 million. At the same time, 42% of users believe say that applications make it easier to find a partner for a long-term relationship. Only 22% hold the opposite opinion.

2. Residents of Russia began to more often look for a partner for life on the Internet

The proportions by gender are different. The number of men who want to meet a couple for a serious relationship on dating apps will increase by 17% in 2023 has grown, and by 34% of women. Residents of Russia also use dating platforms to find a partner for travel and simply for online communication.

3. Photos with filters can turn off a potential couple.

The reason is simple – excessive processing entersis misleading and does not make it clear what a person really is. Because of this, it is better not to add frames taken a year ago or earlier to your profile. To have a successful dating app experience, you need to stick to the principles of honesty and relevance. Fresh photos without retouching can increase the number of likes and messages. Plus, on the first date you won’t have to worry about the discrepancy between your appearance on the Internet and in real life.

4. Profiles with personal information attract more attention

People who don’t just add beautiful photos, but tell seemothers about themselves more witty and attractive, with a good sense of humor. Therefore, it is better not to limit yourself to simply mentioning that you love pizza and travel – many people can say so. Briefly share, for example, which countries you have already visited and where you dream of going – this will give other users a hook to start a conversation.

5. About 50% of Zoomers went on video dates

Online dating with couples becomes popular during self-isolation in 2020. And they took root. Nowadays, applications with video profiles or video calling options are one of the most popular directions among online dating startups. The advantages of this format over a static picture are obvious – you can evaluate a person’s facial expressions and voice even before moving on to communication.

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