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Best app for video editing

We will tell you about the different applications that exist and create videos containing tons of clips, photos, transitions, filters, translations, background music or voiceovers. Here are the best apps to edit your videos to unleash your creativity.

InShot Video Editor

It can be used to create videos, cut segments, perform fusions, add filters, music, written content, and stickers. Inshot video editor is very easy to use and is available for Apple and Android mobile platforms.

Adobe premiere rush

Crop video, add voice, add music, filters, images, text and transitions easily. You can download the content or forward the clips directly from the editor to your favorite social networks. This application allows you to easily work in a synchronized manner on any device (tablet, smartphone or computer) that can use this system. Available for Apple and Android mobile platforms.

viva video

It has multiple settings and a really easy to use working platform. It is one of the most complete apps. It is possible to combine materials with videos, images and transitions. Over 200 effects, including animated stickers and theme templates. That part has a selfie effect that automatically improves the lighting. Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


It is a professional video editor that can do anything, supporting multiple layers of video, audio, text and images. It includes tools to cut clips, add transitions, and incorporate filters. Available for Apple and Android mobile platforms.

With it you can create different layers and add voice, audio and video easily. In addition to choosing a variety of transitions, you can extend it from your own storage reachable by your application.


It is a complete utility with a very easy to use working platform. Easily edit images, videos, music clips, add transitions, titles, and record voiceovers. It is also possible to speed up or slow down by changing the agility of the video. It is free and contains no watermark. Available for iOS.


Easily create clips from photos and videos. There are also templates that give different styles to your content. Easy to use, you can cut, mute audio, add music and articles. The free version includes a watermark. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Power director

It provides a simple interface for cropping video, adding images, adding graphics, and adding sound, so you need a mobile with enough screen. There is a menu with over 35 effects for clips and 60 possible transitions. Then you can export the video in full HD. The free version has a watermark and is available for Android and Windows Phone.


Quik is the official video editing app for the Go Pro. It should be by default if you have an action camera, but it works equally well with smartphone videos stored in your gallery.

As a video editor, it can be used at two speeds: semi-automatic or manual. In this last case, you can choose different genres of clippings and add your written content by changing the order, agility of the clips.


Clips is an image and video editor that makes it easy to create highly realistic clips in just a few steps. You can cut as well as add stickers, filters. Emojis and music and, best of all, you can chat while editing and the program will automatically translate what you say into text format. Available for iOS.


There are transitions, effects and animations. You can trim clips and add text just like any other editing utility. It also gives you the option to rotate clips and add stickers. Available for Apple and Android mobile platforms.

Tik’s tock

You can use it as a video editor and then download the content to your smartphone or share it on other social networks. You can use it as a video editor and then download the content to your mobile or share it on other social networks.

It’s more than just an application for editing videos. Social network. Moreover, it is useful to modify the video with easy and many fun effects when you do not want to use the platform in this way. You can edit it by creating a clip from the interface or uploading a video from your smartphone. You can add audio, filters and change agility and all kinds of effects.


The main advantage is that the app has the ability to do pretty much anything, just provide a video clip and wait.

The free version has certain limitations. For example, you can’t export the final video, but you can rate it “magic”. Basically, you add a clip, choose a theme and soundtrack, and wait for the result.


FilmoraGo is a video editing application that should be used with mobile in landscape mode. The interface is rather unique, but once you get used to it, you should scroll faster than other similar applications.

A video editor reminiscent of a PC editor, allowing some advanced features not available in the competition, such as adding voiceovers, switching between clips, or adding written content and subtitles.


VideoShow has a lot in common with Viva Video. For starters, it has over 4199 billion downloads on Google+ Play, and there is also a paid version worth €22,99 for a lifetime or €22,99 per year. Show off a ready-to-use theme that automatically adds transitions, filters, and music.

This allows you to add music, sound effects and voices to your videos, as well as make them perfect with filters, effects, transitions and stickers. The Spanish translation is not bad, so it’s best to use it in English.

Video shop

If the above options are too exotic for you, Videoshop is a rather simple editor. The free version has some limitations, but makes simple editing quick and easy.

Editing settings include adding music and audio effects, trimming video clips, adding written content, and choosing from four available transitions to go from one clip to another. Voiceover, Reverse, Rotate and Tilt utilities are reserved for the paid version.


Finally, YouCut, as the name suggests, does a lot more than just crop your video. We’re talking about a finished video editor with little or nothing that InShot Video Editor from the exact same author would envy.

It allows you to combine and refine tons of video clips and photos, add effects, text and emoticons, choose effects, add music, and record your voice. The free version has some restrictions which are removed for a single payment of €9,99 or €3,99 per year.

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