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Dan Bongino provides thoughtful discussions that promote greater understanding, using his conservative perspective to provoke conversation that broadens perspectives. As an investigative reporter and former Secret Service agent, he delves deep into today’s most pressing political issues while offering invaluable insight that debunk liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

In Episode 2167, Dan investigates the globalist cabal meeting at Davos and provides insight into their deliberations behind-the-scenes that influence global economic policies.

The Dan Bongino Podcast Show

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer, has become a highly acclaimed political commentator. He hosts a popular weekly podcast that tackles hot political topics while debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric – his show ranks among the highest-rated podcasts nationwide.

Triton Digital ratings show him to be in first place among radio podcasts with weekly download counts exceeding 100,000, significantly outpacing Ben Shapiro’s program, which has nearly 200,000 downloads per week.

Bongino’s podcasts are captivating and educational, providing an insightful look into global issues. Additionally, his episodes often include interviews with prominent guests to further the dialogue on various subjects; for instance he spoke with Mike Lee regarding immigration and border security while EJ Antoni discussed diversity policies that foster equity and inclusion policies as an example of such topics being covered in Bongino’s podcasts.

Bongino stands out among conservative podcasters by his engaging social media activity and interactions. His Facebook posts often draw large followings and provoke fervent engagement; additionally, he regularly participates in live events as an advocate for military veterans’ and women’s rights issues, in addition to being known for his blunt yet honest analysis of current affairs.

Dan opens up about his experience leaving Fox News and the evolving media industry on The Megyn Kelly Show in his most recent episode. Additionally, they discuss the interplay between media personalities such as Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump, and influential political figures, and uncovering truth about the deep state.

On his show, Dan explores the implications of a recently surfaced video offering fascinating insight into the Jan. 6th bombing. By carefully dissecting this footage, he raises concerns over FBI handling of this incident as well as an increased demand for accountability from critics he refers to as lunatic liberals.

The Dan Bongino Podcast is an invaluable source of political news in America, packed with fascinating facts and analysis on current affairs in America. Additionally, they’re easy to listen to – making this an indispensable source for staying abreast of political developments!

The Dan Bongino podcast delivers an engaging blend of political and personal tales that appeal to a range of audiences, available on all major platforms like iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. With loyal listeners across all three, its popularity is well established; having won several awards. Furthermore, he has written several books as well as contributing regularly to publications like New York Times and USA Today; his writings draw from his extensive background in law enforcement and politics as well as being known for their keen insights into controversial topics while seeing through media spin.

The Dan Bongino Show

Check out The Dan Bongino Show every weekday as Dan tackles today’s top political topics while dispelling liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric. A former Secret Service agent, NYPD veteran and New York Times best-selling author himself, Bongino is known as an outspoken critic of both leftists and his own party; known by conservatives for taking on both establishments of both parties alike while having President Trump as his advocate.

Bongino has gone beyond being just a radio host to build networks that create an alternate online economy for people who share his world view. His investments include Rumble – designed as an alternative video-platform like YouTube and Parler (a conservative Twitter equivalent) as well as his podcast and network of Facebook pages which has garnered him an incredible online following.

Bongino stands out among his fringe media peers by not engaging in reckless or mean-spirited commentary, opting instead to conduct extensive research before offering opinions backed up with verifiable facts – something the mainstream media often fails to do. Furthermore, his insider connections help him see through media deception; making him a truth seeker – something we desperately need right now.

Bongino travels the country promoting his book and speaking at conferences, becoming an influential figure within conservative circles as a result of having amassed such an online following.

He’s an engaging individual who knows how to connect with people. I believe he could become one of the largest conservative voices out there.

I am grateful that he’s received such a high profile platform because his unique perspective adds much-needed depth and value to the conversation. I would love to see him featured on TV or at conventions!

KELLY: After listening to your episode with Evan Osnos this week and his article coming out this week, it was amazing. I just wanted to ask some questions for you about that episode.

The Dan Bongino Show airs from noon to 3 pm Eastern every weekday on Fox News – taking over Rush Limbaugh’s old time slot.

The Dan Dan Bongino Show can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Castbox and Podcast Addict as well as other podcasting apps. To view a comprehensive listing of episodes please visit its home on iTunes.

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