The 19 Best Summer Jobs for High School Students (With Employment Tips)

As the summer months roll in, many high school students find jobs to fill their time and earn extra money before the new school year begins. A summer job can also provide real work experience that you can include on your resume, if you don’t have your resume yet then you can create one online using resume builder. Summer jobs can help you learn important skills like time management, organization, communication, and problem-solving, and connect you with professionals who can help you get a job in the future. If you need a job during the summer months, there are plenty of jobs open to ambitious high school students.

In this article, we present a list of some of the best high school summer jobs and share a short list of tips you can use to get a summer job.

19 Best Jobs for High School Students in the Summer

If you’re looking to find a job during your summer break, check out this list of some of the jobs that may be available to you:

1. Trolley


National average wage: $10.68 an hour

Key Responsibilities: Cart is responsible for collecting shopping carts from parking lots and loading docks around the building and returning them to the store. They can clean carts, set them up in the store, help customers unload goods into trucks, and pick up carts for customers who need them.

2. Cinema Clerk

Cinema Clerk

National average wage: $10.85 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The theater salesperson serves the cinema audience. They print movie tickets, process payments, direct customers to their assigned theater, operate counters, and keep the theater clean.

3. Checkout

National average wage: $11.02 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The cashier is responsible for scanning and matching items for the customer to purchase. They process payments, return and exchange items for customers, buy bags, resolve customer issues, and check prices. Some cashiers have to fulfill the sales plan by offering other products and services to customers.

4. Busser


National average wage: $11.02 an hour

Main duties: The waiter sets and cleans the tables in the restaurant. They can also fill drinks glasses, help waiters serve food to guests, replace silverware, and clean various areas of the restaurant. Some waiters clean dishes and organize parts of the kitchen for maximum efficiency.

5. Pool employee

Pool employee

National average wage: $11.23 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The pool attendant is responsible for keeping the pool area clean and safe for all guests. They hand out towels, provide guests with pool equipment, talk about safety rules and act as a lifeguard when needed. Pool workers may also operate other pool equipment such as skimmers and pumps.

6. Hostess


National average wage: $11.45 an hour

Key Responsibilities: Host/hostess seating guests in the restaurant. They maintain the reservation system for the restaurant, provide waiting times for guests, clear menus, roll silverware, and seat guests as soon as their tables are ready. The hosts and hostesses also answer the phone and can take takeaway orders.

7. Barista


National average wage: $11.46 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The barista is responsible for preparing drinks, usually coffee drinks and teas. They take orders from guests, offer drinks and other items to guests, clean their workspace and all equipment, and may need to serve customers on their orders. Baristas also keep an eye on the stock of goods in the store and make orders as needed.

8. Housekeeper


National average wage: $11.76 an hour

Key Responsibilities: A housekeeper cleans premises, which may include family homes, offices, and other buildings. They vacuum, dust, mop floors, clean windows, sweep, do dishes, and take out the trash. The maids can also sterilize the areas they clean and organize different areas of the cleaned space.

9. Lifeguard


National average wage: $11.93 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The Lifeguard is responsible for monitoring the water and alerting swimmers to potential threats. They enforce rules for pools and beaches and make sure all guests follow water safety rules. Lifeguards may also need to provide first aid, rescue swimmers in distress, and assist those injured in the water.

10. Server


National average wage: $12.12 an hour

Main duties: the waiter takes orders from guests and passes them to the kitchen staff. They also serve food and drink orders to guests, offer wine and food pairings, call orders and print receipts, answer questions about menus, and monitor guest satisfaction.

11. Car detailer

Car detailer

National average wage: $12.31 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The car detailer is responsible for car washing. They wash, vacuum, wax and polish cars, clean windows, and deodorize car interiors. Auto repair specialists can also note any external and internal problems with the car, such as dents and scratches, that the client should take care of.

12. Associated stocking

Associated stocking

National average wage: $12.56 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The Sales Assistant fills shelves and moves items around as needed in the store. They receive inventory, set up the sales floor, display products to store specifications, and may need to provide some customer service. Merchants also take inventory, usually quarterly, to help their store evaluate profits and losses.

13. Courier


National average wage: $14.19 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The Delivery Man is responsible for delivering goods and products to customers. They pick up the goods they need to deliver, follow the route to optimize their travel time, and provide basic customer service. Some delivery workers, especially those delivering larger items, can help customers pack their purchase.

14. Lawn Care Specialist

Lawn Care Specialist

National average wage: $14.33 an hour

Key Responsibilities: A lawn care professional maintains yards for individuals, families, and businesses. They mow the lawn, plant shrubs, flowers and other plants, shovel snow, and spread fertilizer and other products to maintain the green areas of the lawn. Lawn care professionals can also weed, help repair sprinklers, trim trees, and lay turf.

15. The man walking the dog

The man walking the dog

National average wage: $15.42 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The dog owner is responsible for walking the dogs and providing basic care for them. They feed and bathe the pet, provide it with water and keep the dog company for a certain period of time. Dog owners can also take their clients’ dogs to a dog park, make sure they get enough exercise, and may need to take the dog to the vet if an emergency arises.

16. Swimming instructor

Swimming instructor

National average wage: $17.44 an hour

Key Responsibilities: Swimming instructor teaches people how to swim. They can train a wide variety of people of all ages and backgrounds to ensure their clients feel comfortable in the water. Swimming instructors also teach people how to dive, swim, rescue in a water emergency, and walk on water.

17. Nanny


National average wage: $18.03 an hour

Key Responsibilities: A babysitter or nanny is responsible for looking after young children and infants. They bathe, dress, feed and play with the children they supervise and may need to change diapers, prepare bottles and put the children to bed. Some nannies develop basic lesson plans or come up with arts and crafts ideas to keep the kids busy.

18. Leader



National average wage: $19.60 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The camp leader oversees campers and organizes activities that campers will enjoy, making sure that all campers are safe and having a good time. Camp counselors also monitor meals, plan group activities, help campers learn new skills, resolve conflicts between campers, and do chores assigned by management.

19. Tutor


National average wage: $25.12 an hour

Key Responsibilities: The tutor is responsible for helping students better understand the subject. They talk to the student to understand their learning style, explain topics they may have trouble with, support their lesson plans, and answer the student’s questions about the subject. Tutors also report student progress to their parents or guardians.

Tips for finding a summer job

Even if you are looking for a short-term job during your school summer break, there are other candidates who can do the same. Here are some tips to help you stand out from the competition and find the summer job that interests you:

  • Search in advance. Consider applying for a job a couple of weeks before the end of the school year. This will give you the head start you might need to interview and complete any paperwork so you can get started right away in your new position.

  • Prepare a bibliography. If you already had a job, managed a school project, assisted a certain teacher, volunteered, or attended a camp or church group, there are likely people in your network who can write professional or personal letters of recommendation for you.

  • Ask others about job opportunities. Your family members, friends, neighbors, and others you know may have an idea of ​​available high school jobs. Ask around to find out more about positions you might be interested in.

  • Buy an interview suit. It is important to dress professionally, no matter what position you are applying for. Buy clothes that you can wear to your interview to impress the hiring manager.

  • Create a resume. Even if you don’t have work experience, you can still list cool projects, volunteer experience, courses you’ve taken, and your current GPA on your resume. Also consider including a summary goal, which is a paragraph at the top of your resume that communicates your wishes for the job.

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