attractive eyes for a good first impression

How to match attractive eyes for a good first impression

We look at people every day, but we don’t always realize how important eye contact is. We don’t realize everything we can gather about a person just by making eye contact. Unfortunately, shy people generally have a hard time making eye contact, which puts them at a disadvantage.

For example, when you are interviewing or dating, you want to keep your focus on the person you want to impress. You’ve probably heard the saying that first impressions are everything. I don’t fully agree with that, but I definitely think it’s true to some extent. Imagine you are dating someone, and you are trying to have a conversation with them, and instead of paying attention to you, they are watching everything happening around you. You feel pretty neglected, right? You will feel as if the person you are talking to has no interest in what you are saying. It’s not intentional, but it feels weird. 

I’m talking about practicing eye contact that’s attractive enough to appear fully engaged even if you’re not. It all boils down to respect, appreciation, understanding and interest in what the other person is saying. If you’re a shy person who has a really hard time making eye contact, or just want some tips and techniques, I’ll teach you how to make eye contact.

Clever Tricks To Make Eye Contact

Clever Tricks To Make Eye Contact

Some people find staring into other people’s eyes very awkward, so here are a few tricks to help. Draw an imaginary triangle on the person’s face around the mouth and eyes. As you talk to someone, try to shift your gaze to another point in the triangle. This will give the impression that you are interested in the conversation. Sounds a bit silly, but it works! Try it.

2. Practice Without Leaving The Couch

This is probably the easiest way anyone can do. I mean, you don’t even have to leave your couch. This is very effective for those who are shy and not yet ready to practice on real people. I’d always recommend paying attention to a person’s eye color as a good starting point. Especially along the way, you want to be able to look someone in the eye and get to a point where they aren’t uncomfortable and awkward.

Whether you’re watching a TV show or movie, pay attention to the color of your eyes, hair, etc. whenever a new character appears on the screen. After all, when you feel like you’ve practiced enough, it’s natural to notice these things in real people and make eye contact with them.

3. Pay Attention To Other Features

To be honest, looking into people’s eyes can be extremely intimidating, especially if you’re in authority. I’ve always had trouble making eye contact with myself. it makes me nervous I’ve found it helpful to pay close attention to their functions. I notice the freckles on their faces, the color of their hair, and the way their mouths move. You don’t look directly into their eyes, but try not to give them the impression that you’re not paying attention because you’re looking at that general area. 

4. Focus On One Eye At A Time.

You can’t actually see both eyes at the same time. When you try it, it looks very laser-like. You will most likely already have one eye that you normally focus on, either left or right, subconsciously. However, it is a good idea to switch what you see from one eye to the other during a conversation. In reality, it looks much more natural and shows more attention and attention.

In general, 30 to 60% of direct eye contact during a conversation (more when listening and less when speaking) should create a relaxed and productive atmosphere.

As with everything, with practice you’ll perfect it and make eye contact with someone a lot more comfortable over time. It’s not about how to make eye contact with someone, it’s about making eye contact once.

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