Steps to self-esteem. Rules without which you cannot maintain a sense of self-respect

Today we will touch on this important topic from the other side, namely those rules of behavior without which we cannot maintain self-respect.

We need self-esteem in order to live life in our own way and feel truly fulfilled and happy, and not depressed and disappointed.

An important pillar for gaining and maintaining self-esteem is a sense of self-worth. Each life is valuable in itself. If we came into this world, then it matters. After all, our lives are no less important than the lives of those around us.

Understanding this fact allows you to build harmonious relationships with other people, when equality and respect are the basis of relationships.

Let’s learn those golden rules of behavior that should not be violated, otherwise very soon we will find ourselves in secondary roles, or rather on the sidelines of life.

Don’t go against yourself

Don't go against yourself

Each of us has our own way of looking at things. Our value system is the support that allows us to be who we are.

Therefore, to maintain the integrity of your personality, you must always remain true to your principles.

There is no need to go against our conscience, because in this case we betray ourselves.

Once you compromise your principles, they immediately become worthless. Then a person loses himself and is in a kind of prostration, not understanding his place and not seeing the path of further movement.

Love yourself

Love Yourself

Many people are now talking about the importance of self-love. However, some people think this is not true.

You should not confuse self-love with selfishness, because these are completely different things. An egoist forces those around him to serve his interests, but a person who loves himself knows how to defend his interests without claiming the freedom of others.

Thinking about his neighbor, a person with healthy self-esteem will not allow another to parasitize himself, getting what he wants through manipulation and playing on feelings of pity or guilt.

A person who loves himself will not allow his rights to be infringed.

In addition, loving yourself means forgiving yourself for your weaknesses and imperfections, and not beating yourself up for every shortcoming, endlessly placing excessive demands on yourself.

Self-esteem does not depend on the opinions of others

Self Esteem

Independence from the opinions of others is the most important basis for self-esteem.

No one can please everyone. We are all different and it happens that people don’t like each other literally at first sight.

There will always be someone whom we will irritate simply by the fact of our existence. You don’t need to pay attention to this at all.

Trust yourself

Love yourself

An important part of self-respect is trusting yourself.

You should trust your feelings and intuition, and not listen to others.

You need to follow your desires and interests. And if certain actions give us positive emotions, then it is better to do so.

Our feelings are the best guide to living our life, not someone else’s.

Strive for the best, not for what’s left

Strive for the best, not for what's left

If we truly value ourselves, if our feelings and desires are important to us, then we will always try to choose the best of the available options, not settling only for what is left.

It is important to strive for what we want, and not take what little is offered in return.

Treasure your time

Time is the most important resource in our life.

No one knows exactly how much time he has left. That is why you need to learn to manage your time so as not to regret the years spent aimlessly.

It is necessary to respect our time, not waste it on other people being late, not do things that bring us negative emotions and spoil the quality of life, that keep us in place and limit our development.


There is no need to justify your existence. Every person is significant simply by the fact of his birth.

We do not have to win someone’s respect and love, we are valuable in ourselves. And any other person will devote to us exactly as much time as he sees fit.

Personal boundaries

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We wrote about how to set personal boundaries in the article “ Don’t get involved!” “

And again we need to talk about the importance of personal boundaries. After all, it depends only on us whether those around us will sit on our necks?

Boundaries make communication comfortable. And all that needs to be done is to outline the set of rules that should be followed when communicating with us.

We will not be able to respect ourselves as long as we allow our loved ones to treat us with disdain.

People who care about us will take our requests into account. And those who don’t give a damn about our opinion should not remain in our close circle.

Forgive yourself

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Each of us can make mistakes. This is absolutely normal, because we cannot know everything or have perfect experience.

Therefore, you need to stop reproaching yourself for mistakes and failures. On the contrary, it is important to support yourself in difficult times, reminding you that you have many victories and accomplishments behind you.

It is better to train positive thinking rather than engage in constant self-flagellation, which only lowers self-esteem and therefore puts obstacles in the way of further movement.

Don’t make excuses

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If we made a mistake, then we need to apologize and that’s the end of it.

The ability to admit one’s mistakes characterizes strong and self-confident people.

However, you should not constantly make excuses and allow past mistakes to be used against you.

The mistakes you made are a thing of the past, so you don’t need to bear a lifelong responsibility for them.

Respecting yourself and not neglecting others

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A person who truly respects himself will not allow himself to show disrespect to others.

He will not dispose of things that are not his own, will not reveal other people’s secrets, will not allow the boundaries of another to be violated and will not control his life.

A person is responsible only for himself, for his actions and decisions. Only he himself enters the field of his control, and everything else has no direct relation to him.

Think well before you speak

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A self-respecting person keeps his word and is responsible for his actions.

The dangerous habit of speaking without thinking about the consequences of what is said can compromise anyone.

Many of us have had to regret our words, for example, when, in the heat of anger, we offended loved ones or confided in our secrets to unreliable people.

It’s worth developing the habit of taking a few seconds to think before saying the first thing that comes to mind.

This will allow you to be less influenced by emotions and have more control over yourself at a crucial moment.

In addition, a pause will allow you to formulate your thoughts more clearly, which will help reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings on the part of others.

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These simple rules will help you maintain self-respect in order to realize yourself and live a harmonious life.

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