reasons to become a b2b manager

5 reasons to become a b2b manager even if you don’t have an ounce of experience

It’s no secret that the profession of sales manager is one of the most in demand today. Just look at any resource with job offers to be convinced of this – the number of offers from employers is amazing. The explanation for this is very simple: it is sales that allow a business to fulfill its main task – to make a profit. Therefore, every employer always strives to either get the best specialists on the market, or to train the best of those who have great potential to achieve good results in sales.

It is a mistake to perceive the profession of a sales manager as frivolous and temporary: good specialists in this field receive not only invaluable experience, but also great opportunities for further career development.

The question remains: which of the existing sales directions to choose? We answer directly – choose b2b sales. Now we’ll tell you why you can go into this profession even without experience, and why experienced sellers can safely change b2c to b2b, and at the same time we’ll tell you which industries are best to consider.

Today, two directions are widely known: b2b and b2c sales. In simple terms, b2c is sales to individuals, that is, retail, b2b is sales to legal entities. Unlike retail sales, business sales are much more interesting and complex – b2b managers interact with top officials of companies, have a good understanding of how different areas of business work, thanks to which they are able to find non-standard and necessary solutions to their clients’ problems.

🙋 B2B sales manager – why anyone can go

In fact, there are no educational institutions in Russia where they will teach you this profession. Therefore, the main requirements for candidates for the position of b2b sales manager relate to personal qualities and experience, and the first is much more important than the second.

By the way, personal qualities mean communication skills, responsibility, and the desire to work in a team and achieve goals that are quite inherent in most people.

It follows from this that a b2b sales manager is one of the few promising professions that anyone can go to, even without any experience at all: no specific knowledge is required. And compared to other professions in which experience is not important, in b2b sales you potentially have a higher level of earnings and real opportunities for growth.

Well, if you are already an experienced seller, but, for example, from the b2c sphere, then you will definitely have an advantage and a good basis for mastering the corporate market. The qualities you have will definitely find their use.

👍 Advantages of the profession

👉 Not boring work. Working for companies that promote unusual products is much more interesting than working for those that sell products and solutions that are familiar to consumers. There is an opportunity to communicate with business owners, top management of companies, people making important decisions.

👉 Constant development . In b2b sales, a lot depends on the professional skills of the manager and, first of all, on his desire to develop. Therefore, most companies regularly train their staff. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself more in the profession, develop the necessary sales skills and build up your competencies. Spoiler: MTS salespeople upgrade themselves not only in sales, but also in technology, thanks to which they reach the level of a technology partner and business consultant of any level and specificity.

👉 Demand. It won’t be difficult for an experienced salesperson to find a new job – any company needs good managers. People in this profession easily change industries – such flexibility is also worth a lot.

👉 High salary. The income ceiling is very often limited only by the manager’s ability to conclude successful transactions: the more he sold, the more he received. And when the financial part is supported by bonuses from the employer in the form of free mobile communications, medical care, compensation for sports expenses and much more, then the work seems even more enjoyable.

👉 Career advancement. In b2b there are more career opportunities: moving to areas that are more important for the company, moving to another, yet undeveloped region, or, conversely, to a more developed and key one for the company. And of course, you should count on promotion: sales professionals very often become managers and mentors.

📌 Where is it more interesting to work as a b2b manager and what technologies help you work effectively

We recommend paying attention to banks, telecommunications and technology companies. It is their products and services that help businesses talk about themselves, increase their efficiency, and increase profits.

Large companies have established teams of professionals, an established image, experience and developments, as well as technologies and services that help a b2b manager in his work.

📌 Interesting products for b2b using the example of MTS

Operators have long ceased to offer only communication services to their customers. Yes, telecom products have not gone away, but completely different, modern solutions are becoming key: IP telephony systems, advertising promotion with complex and precise personalization, cloud storage, CRM systems and other high-tech products. Here are some examples from the MTS portfolio:

  • Big Data (big data). MTS experts analyze various parameters to help the client company plan commercial activities, for example, determine a suitable location for opening a store, cafe or customer service. A large number of factors are impersonally taken into account, such as automobile and pedestrian traffic, their dependence on the time of day, the activity of gadget users, and much more. Such information allows clients to take a more meaningful approach to business development.
  • MTS Marketer . A service for launching targeted mobile advertising, which is based on anonymized subscriber data. The service is fundamentally different from intrusive and chaotic SMS mailings, as it allows you to fine-tune the display of advertising only to the audience that is most likely to be interested in the client’s offer. For example, a discount in a cafe can only be communicated to those who live or often visit nearby.
  • MTS Communicator . A convenient service for informing clients on behalf of the company. This could be advertising, information about the status of an order, a survey on the quality of services, or an announcement of promotions and events.
  • IoT solutions (Internet of Things). This is the interaction of various devices, objects and systems with each other using communication technologies. MTS IoT technologies are used in various fields: transport, housing and communal services, real estate, industry, trade, agriculture and for smart city solutions. Our solutions improve urban infrastructure, increase transport accessibility, automate the collection of household waste, automatically collect information on the speed of vehicles, fuel consumption, allow remote collection of readings from meters, emergency and energy consumption accounting systems, automate building management, and automatically control the process of raising animals , their maintenance on farms and crop production, the state of technology and much more.

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