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Street Style is a way of expressing yourself, combining designer clothing items with those that best fit the urban subculture and atmosphere. Street Style draws all its inspiration from people who love to play with fashion. Many women are fascinated by this fashion on a daily basis, through which they express their femininity and feel free. What more should you know about Street Style and the creativity associated with it?

  • Where did all the inspiration for Street Style come from?
  • How do women express themselves through Street Style?
  • Street Style’s most important features

Where did all the inspiration for Street Style come from?

Street Style gradually began to take shape and appear on the streets of big cities among people in the 70s and 80s. It was a combination of various styles, mixing elements of clothing popular among surfers, hipsters, hip-hop and skateboarding enthusiasts. Currently, it is a fashion very often used by celebrities and popular show business personalities. If you want to learn more about Street Style in women’s fashion, additional information can be found at

How do women express themselves through Street Style?

Street Style is loved by women from all over the world, including celebrities, models and fashion stylists. It is not without reason that you can increasingly see elements of this style at more than one fashion week. These types of shows are already very popular in Paris, New York, Tokyo – and in each of these cities Street Style refers to the local culture and inspires.

All the inspiration empowers women to express themselves through appearance. They decide how they want to be dressed and how to combine individual clothing items. These are often outfits inspired by the biggest stars and icons of Street Style, such as Rihanna or Gigi Hadid. Many of their outfits are definitely worth recreating.

Street Style’s most important features

How do women who love Street Style dress? They combine different styles and, luckily, their outfits are multi-layered. They put on trousers and several blouses of different lengths, thanks to which they are visible and sparkle with different colours, textures, and prints.

Very often, this fashion combines non-typical outfit elements and accessories, such as sunglasses, hats, jewellery, handbags, belts, pendants.

Street Style lovers can find many original elements in second-hand clothing stores, vintage and retro stores. Street style loves jeans, graphics, references to old fashion, a bold approach to fashion and drawing inspiration from men’s and sports fashion.

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