The Ultimate Exercise to Improve Posture (Simple and Effective)

The Ultimate Exercise to Improve Posture (Simple and Effective)

Bad posture is a common problem for many people because we live in a world full of activities that lead to bad posture. Postural dysfunction (bad posture) occurs when the spine is in an unnatural position for long periods of time as a result of daily activities[One]Some causes of poor posture include: Crouching in chair, hunched back, inadequate understanding of proper posture, sedentary lifestyle exercise routine , low core stability and looking down at computer and/or cell phone for extended periods of time. However, incorrect posture can be easily corrected.

Reasons To Fix Bad Posture

Bad posture not only looks unhealthy and unattractive, but also causes a number of health problems. Take a look at this infographic to learn how bad posture can make you look and feel unhealthy and tired, and how good posture can help you look and feel healthy and confident

  • Bad posture: round shoulders, hunched head, head tilted forward, knees bent, pot belly
  • Good Posture: A balanced, upright posture with a straight line from your ears to your shoulders and hips.


Reasons To Fix Bad Posture

So, what can you do to correct your bad posture?

Simple Exercises To Improve Posture

Incorrect posture can cause severe neck pain and muscle imbalances. To correct this, you need to activate the weak muscles while stretching the tight muscles.

The following video outlines some exercises you can do to improve your posture.

Let’s take a closer look at the following exercises that can improve your posture.

Exercise #1 – Reverse Plank Bridge


Reverse Plank Bridge

The NS inverse plank activates specific muscles while stretching key muscles such as the leg pectoral and neck muscles. For this exercise you will need:

  1. Keep your arms straight and pull your shoulders back.
  2. Gather your shoulder blades.
  3. Pull your chin.
  4. Push your chest up and straighten your spine.
  5. Your finger can point forward or backward.

Exercise #2 – Arch Up

The NS Arch Up Exercise consists of three movements. All three movements require you to pull your chin and perform an external rotation of your arms (thumbs should move up).

Arch Up

  1. shoulder flexionPush your arms and shoulder blades up and lift them as high as you can without bending your arms.
  2. horizontal abductionRaise your arms to the side as high as possible and bring your shoulder blades together.
  3. shoulder extensionPush your arms up (thumbs up) and lift them as high as you can.

Exercise #3 – Plank


planking It is one of the simplest exercises that offers many health benefits. Planks can improve your posture if done correctly. When doing the plank exercise, make sure your legs are straight, your lower back is not sinking, and you are looking down on the floor.

Exercise #4 – Posture Belt

Posture Belt


Another way to correct your posture, especially your back, is to wear a posture belt. It is recommended to wear it for the first few hours in the morning. The next step is pranaga .

  1. Place the strap on your upper back and hold both ends with both hands.
  2. Thread each end of the strap over your shoulder.
  3. Hold one end in both hands and cross the straps at the back.
  4. Pull the strap and secure the trapezius and the anterior end so that you can feel it.

Exercise #5 – Wall Angels

Wall Angels


This exercise is a simple way to test your posture. To do this exercise, simply rest your back against a wall and raise your arms up and down (think lying in the snow and making a snow angel).

Make sure your back is against the wall and your back is flat against the wall. Watch the following video to see a demonstration of this walkthrough.

Exercise #6 – Leaning against a wall

Leaning against a wall

One of my favorite stretches is against a wall . Here, place your hands behind your head and stretch your elbows against a wall. The following video provides a demonstration of this stretch.advertising

Exercise #7 – Text Neck

Text Neck

Finally, this exercise helps prevent bad posture, and is easy to do several times a day. The exercise is simply to stop looking down at your phone. Obviously we’re not going to stop using our phones anytime soon, so here’s the solution: Keep your phone at eye level.

Following these 7 exercises will improve your posture. But to get good posture, you have to train and train your body. Also starting today! Bad posture becomes much more difficult to improve the longer you delay it. Improving your posture will improve your life.

Additional Tips To Improve Posture

Additional Tips To Improve Posture


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